‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Interactive Video Vignettes 

Our focus in these vignettes moves away from the target of bullying and what they can do when confronted with these behaviours (see our graphic novella as an example of this focus). Instead we focus on the role of witnesses/bystanders when they observe bullying, the role of leaders when they receive concerns or complaints about bullying, and the role of the ‘bully’ (or engager as a preferred term for our group). Underpinning these foci  is the hugely important role of power within institutions and organizations, as well as historical , socio-cultural and political contexts.

As you watch each of the three scenes, , put yourself in the position of witness/bystander (scene one), leader (scene two) and again, leader and also the ‘bully’/engager (scene three). You will then be invited to choose one of three options. You can choose to watch these options in any order though there is some benefit to engaging in them sequentially.